Sunday, September 29, 2013

Model Shoot

I have been thinking for a while now that I wanted to do a photo shoot with some of my girl friends to "model" my jewelry (to give my on-line customers a better idea of what the jewelry will look like)... And, today is the day! I'm really excited for what is in store. Heather Warren is taking the photos in today's session. We are going for a Vintage Look and taking pictures downtown. A few behind the scene sneak peeks...
Heather and Sara



Monday, September 16, 2013


I have always been fascinated by shiny things. I remember sitting with my grandmother as a young girl and admiring all of the gold rings she would wear (sometimes one on every finger). I specifically remember her gold snake ring with red ruby eyes that seemed to slither up her finger. She wore it on her index finger and I thought it was AMAZING! And, when she passed away, I became the owner of this ring. It brings such fond memories... of digging through her jewelry boxes and picking one piece of jewelry to take home (sometimes two) on our visits to Florida every summer. I miss the ocean. I miss my grandma. But, I feel like she is near me and I can hear her voice from far away in the distance. She was always full of advice... Of what we should do... "You should do this." and "You should do that." So, I am going to do a little bit of this AND that!

I am going to do a little bit of THIS... I have so many things that interest me: Upcycling / Repurposing Vintage jewelry, Hand-Stamping Sterling Silver, Wire-wrapping, Gemstones, Bead Stringing, Silk knotting, Silver-Smithing... (hammering, soldering, stone setting, ring making, forging, oxidizing). I love it ALL!

AND, I am going to do a little bit of THAT... I am going to work with GOLD!!! I am fascinated by gold... much like my grandmother's ring. And, I can't wait to LEARN!!! My GOALS are: To learn how to fabricate a piece of jewelry using gold (much like what I do when working with silver), To learn the Lost-Wax Technique (making a wax mold and casting jewelry), and To set faceted stones!!!

I feel like all of my jewelry interests have been a stepping stone to what lies ahead. And, ultimately, I hope to incorporate a little bit of my vintage eclectic jewelry into gold-smithing as well. I am excited to begin this journey and to share it with you along the way!

Monday, September 2, 2013


I have been a busy girl lately! I signed up for an extra show this year and it is coming up the end of this month... Plaza District Festival in Oklahoma City!!! I just finished my summer show in Norman {MidSummer Night's Fair} and I did really well! I brought my silver rings and a few new designs that I am REALLY excited about!!! Also, this month I start my jewelry class with Larry Tallent! I have really missed my classes this Spring and Summer... and I have A LOT of new and exciting pieces to make! I will give you a hint... druzies, micro mosaics, and tourmalines... a FEW of my FAVORITE THINGS!!!

Here are a few pictures of the Silver Rings I SOLD at the MidSummer Night's Fair...

Vintage Upcycled Turquoise Flower Ring
Sweetheart Ring

Blue Sodalite Egyptian Scarab Ring

Oxidized Labradorite Ring

Rose Cut Aqua Chalcedony Ring ~ Christie's New Ring!

I have had a WONDERFUL response to my silver jewelry at the last two shows and on etsy:

I have even sold a few special Wedding Bands and an Engagement Ring (on etsy)!!!
Oxidized Sterling Silver Mustard Seed Set in Resin ENGAGEMENT RING!!!

TWO Men's Brushed Oxidized Sterling Silver Comfort Fit Wedding Bands

P.S. ~ Only 130 more Sales to go to reach my Etsy Goal of 1,000 Sales!!!