Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Labradorite Oxidized Disc Ring
 Well, my jewelry class is over (sniff...sniff...), so I thought I would post pictures of some of the finished projects! This semester, I focused on rings and textures and I love adding little unexpected details to each piece. I am looking forward to my next class in the Fall already!!! These rings are available for purchase at:

The next few weeks, I will be focusing on getting ready for the Downtown Edmond Arts Festival! I am really excited and will be showing more of my Vintage Upcycled Pieces as well as Hair Jewelry.

Agate Druzy Ring
Oxidized Tiny Encircled Heart Ring
Egyptian Scarab Beetle Ring
Fire Agate Ring
Oxidized Pink Tourmaline Ring
Rectangle Pink Tourmaline Ring
Oxidized Moonstone Ring