Thursday, May 23, 2013

Praying for Oklahoma

You could tell something was in the air... Oklahoma weather. Something was brewing. And, while I love Springtime flowers and pretty rainbows after a rainy day, I could do without the hail the size of golf balls and the whirling winds that knock over trees and... Tornadoes.

Sunday afternoon, our family huddled in our safe room, underneath the stairs as the sirens went off ~ warning us of a potential tornado. Several text messages from people watching the news, "It's right over you!" and "I hope you are taking cover!" did not help the stressful situation. And, in this tiny room we prayed. We prayed that God would keep our families safe. Inside this tiny room crowded with the love of our family. Taking a break from a lazy day, waking our children from their naps to sit in a tiny crowded room. Thankfully, the storm went past us, but only a few miles away. Too close for comfort!
A view of the tornado from the hospital down the street from our house

Hail from our backyard

Monday, the stillness in the air... not again! And, then the storms came in and seemed to cause more damage than ever before. The F-5 tornado tore through South Oklahoma City and Moore. Flipping cars and leaving homes destroyed. Families changed forever. I could not tear myself away from the news. 

The outpouring of support for victims of the recent tornadoes has been so overwhelming. Local schools have collected water, food, and clothing. And then I question myself... What can I do to help? Part of my healing process is to create new ideas that are sometimes inspired by tragedy... to bring comfort to those that are suffering. 

Here is my most recent creation... proceeds to benefit the American Red Cross for those affected by the tornado. 

Cut out Oklahoma with Saw
Soldered Heart to Oklahoma

Heart of Gold Oklahoma State Angel Wing

Heart of Gold Oklahoma Charm ~ Red Dirt

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My first Ring Sale:

I made my first SALE in my SilverSmith Shop:!!! WooHoo! It is a tiny mustard seed ring set in resin. I hand forged the comfort fit band {{{ It curves to the inside (against the finger), so it is very comfortable }}} The ring is oxidized to give it a blackened finish and then I gave it a brushed finish to give it a more Vintage Feel. I love the simplicity and the meaning behind the mustard seed. 

Matthew 17:20 "So Jesus said to them, 'If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.'"

I have ONE ring available in a US size 6.25 available for purchase:

p.s. ~ Only 242 more sales to go to reach 1,000 SALES:

Monday, May 6, 2013

Downtown Edmond Arts Festival

  • Larry Tallent is my jewelry instructor and we just happened to be next to each other in the show! Larry had four items that I fell in love with instantly! A blue boulder opal ring and a black druzy pendant (I have a ring that matches that I made for myself) ~ both sold to the same lady (I think it may have helped that I told her if she wasn't going to buy them that I was)! ;) The Mexican Fire Opal Ring (I was sure it was going to sell... it looks like a dinosaur egg and almost 3-Dimensional), and a pink tourmaline ring that had gold accents (my favorite of the four and it just so happened to fit my finger perfectly). J.B. was talking to Larry about SOMETHING... and I asked him, "Whatcha talkin' bout?" Oh, Nothing (was his response)... but, I knew something was brewing! He kept asking me for $50 (and I thought to myself... the ring I want was MORE than $50...)! On Saturday, I looked in the ring section where MY ring was, and it wasn't there! I asked Larry where it went? I was going to buy that! And, he told me that SOMEONE BOUGHT IT! How could he have sold the ring he knew I wanted? I was so SAD... Until I got home on Saturday Night... J.B. was being VERY sweet! And, after he offered to rub my feet ~ as he was drawing a hot bath for my tired self, he came in the bathroom with a BIG smile on his face and handed me a box. And, inside the box was this beautiful ring...

My Mother's Day Ring
Larry Tallent ~ Jewelry Designer

  •  Evan helped me design the rainbow skull bracelets (he picked out the beads at a bead show), so I told him I would give him money for his help.

ME: I am going to give you $10 for helping me.
Evan: How about 4?
ME: Do you want 10 (holding up 10 fingers) or 4 (holding up 4 fingers)? 
Evan: TEN!

The next day, we brought another rainbow skull bracelet and the first customer that walked in... Evan (wearing my gloves) holds up the skull bracelet and asks the couple, "You wanna buy a bracelet?" This boy melts my heart! We ended up selling it later in the day, but seriously... How could you resist that sweet face? ;)

  • I sold my first silver ring (that I made in jewelry class with Larry Tallent at Firehouse Art Center in Norman). I ended up selling 5 RINGS Total!!! A simple comfort fit silver band, a pink rose cut tourmaline with a floral band, a wide hammered textured oval jade ring, a copper square druzy ring with a wide hammered band, and a rainbow druzy ring with a simple comfort fit band. The ring sales will be put towards my FALL jewelry Class!!! :) And, Because my rings are SO special (to me), I made sure all of them went to good homes (No, Seriously... I actually interviewed the customers before I would sell them the ring)! Every Ring that I make is made with such love and care, I want to make sure they will be treasured and treated with the same care that I put into making them! :)
Titanium Copper Druzy Wide Hammered Textured Ring

My FIRST Ring That SOLD ------------>
Rainbow Druzy Simple Comfort Fit Band
Simple Comfort Fit Band

Pink Tourmaline Rose Cut Floral Band Ring

Oval Olive Jade Hammered Wide Band Ring

  • One of my customers told me that I was her favorite artist at the show and that she saves up her money ALL year to purchase items at art festivals... How cool is that? She bought 6 items from me! 
  • I sold over 60 items from my etsy shop!!! Including TWO of my designer One of a Kind Collage Necklaces!
Amber Gold Flower
Orange Butterfly ~ SOLD
Blue Hummingbird ~ SOLD

  • I am now accepting credit cards! 
  • I met some great people at the show and got to visit with other artists!
  • I had a PRIMO spot right in front of Citizen's Bank on BROADWAY
  • One of my customers brought me a hot coffee when the weather was cold and windy on Saturday! So sweet!  
  • I had my LUCKY ~ November 2011 issue with the page my hair jewelry is featured on display AND... a woman that came in my booth said, "Oh! I have that magazine." Puzzled, I asked her a LUCKY magazine from two years ago? And, she said, no... it was a different one (more recent), but it had the same advertisement in it! The one with the hair pins? Yes!!! SO... Pantene may be using the special advertisements in other MAGAZINES??? Awesome! If you happen to be checking out any fashion magazines lately and notice this page... PLEASE let me KNOW!!! 

  • The first day, Bonnie brought her daughter and we thought she ATE one of the cross charms! The next day, J.B. and I prayed right before the show and the cross was gleaming up at me (right where I had looked so many times the day before)! I know it was a sign from up above!!
  • J.B. is my ROCK! He helped me so much... getting ready for the show, running errands for me, and watching the boys!
  • My family came out to support me at the show! Thank you for the hot dog and the funnel cake, Dad! Rob, thank you for coming by to see me (and for bringing Mom a funnel cake on Sunday)! And, Sally ~ Thank you for bringing me warm soup and for watching the boys on Thursday Night, Lane on Friday afternoon and the boys on Sunday night so we could pack up the tent! Best GiGi EVER! And, Forrest... for watching the boys on Saturday morning and for bringing breakfast! And, Uncle Nate... thank you for watching the boys on Friday morning!  

Yes... I must confess... I am a CARNIE! I love fair food, drunken crowds, and people watching! Great weekend entertainment! All in all I had a successful show... I am feeling SO Blessed that I can share my PASSION with others!  


  • One of my sterling silver rings was stolen by some teenage boys. Katie's daughter (who is FOUR) witnessed the event. She came to me and said, "Those boys just took a ring." And, I wasn't even paying attention! I didn't notice it was missing until I got home. So, if you see anyone wearing a wide hammered textured ring with an Egyptian Scarab Beetle royal blue sodalite stone... Please let me know! Scarabs are supposed to be GOOD luck, but I have a feeling the person that stole this ring will have an ancient curse put upon them until it is returned to the rightful owner! 
Egyptian Blue Sodalite Scarab Hammered Textured Ring 

  • The weather was not the best... WINDY, COLD, and CLOUDY!!! But, it did NOT RAIN, SLEET, or SNOW... and there were NO TORNADOES!!! My tent did NOT blow away and my displays (for the most part) did not blow away either! 

P.S. ~ Only 257 More Sales on Etsy to REACH my GOAL (1,000) by the end of the YEAR!!!