Wednesday, January 9, 2013

GOALS for 2013

Every year, I reflect on my business goals for the coming year. This year I want to focus more on what I LOVE... silver smithing and stone setting. For starters, I am taking a jewelry class at the Firehouse Art Center in Norman. It starts today and I am really excited (partly because I am feeling much better after being sick). Larry Tallent is the instructor and he is actually one of my favorite jewelry designers. This will be the fourth class I have taken from him and the sixth class I have taken at Firehouse. 

Last year, one of my goals was to set up a work shop in the garage. J.B. bought a storage unit and I thought I could use the extra space for a little work bench in the garage. Well, that took a while and being the impatient one, I cleared off a space in the kitchen (where eventually we will have a built in desk / china cabinet). My dad had the perfect small work bench upstairs and that is what I asked for Christmas from him. He reluctantly gave it to me after purchasing a new work bench for himself to replace the old one. So, now I have a little shop in my kitchen! 

And, of course... what would 2013 be if I didn't add a little bit about ORGANIZATION!!! Yes, one of my goals will be to clean up my office/jewelry room! And, clear out the clutter! I will be posting lots of New Jewelry Designs and Vintage Items on Etsy. 

My goal this year is to have 1,000 Sales on Etsy: . Only 397 more to go! I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but we shall see! I will also be posting more of my silver jewelry here: .