Friday, December 7, 2012


This is something we all strive for... perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect nails, perfect home, perfect husband, perfect children, perfect car, perfect job, perfect LIFE. 

MY HAIR: Well, I haven't had my hair cut since April (and the only reason I know it was April is because it was days before my youngest son was born). My hair hasn't been this long since HIGH SCHOOL! 

MY CLOTHES are a hodge podge of maternity stretchy pants, leggings, dresses... because I haven't lost my baby bump pooch. It has been 8 months now since the birth of my second child! And, I haven't really come to terms with my new figure. I really need to be nominated for "What NOT to Wear!"

MY NAILS are looking pretty shabby after working on jewelry... chipped, hang nails, and the polishing compound that looks like I haven't washed my hands and the blackened fingers make me look like I am a mechanic. 

MY HOUSE is in shambles with a three year old... what is the point of picking up? I feel like that FEBREEZE commercial where the mom picks up all of the toys and turns around and all of them are back on the floor! I try to have a clean kitchen (okay, most of the time... sometimes I let the dirty dishes pile up! What I meant to say is... I would LIKE a CLEAN KITCHEN!!! 

MY HUSBAND... He is perfect in his own little way. He thinks I am an actual Mind Reader (partly because I can finish his sentences and guess where he wants to go for dinner and maybe I am a little psychic?). 

MY CHILDREN are PERFECT. Perfect little beings. That is the one thing that is perfect. And, although I think they are perfect, I'm sure others would disagree. But, I am going to let my children be children. I am going to teach them manners, to be nice to others, to clean up after themselves while still being able to stick up for themselves and be creative individuals. And, I will continue to let my child think that I am a princess and he is a cowboy. 

MY CAR is functional with a few minor flaws. The CD player is not working (I know I am so spoiled)! Now, I can't listen to my favorite songs whenever I want! I would buy ITunes, but I don't know how to set it up yet! And, a few scratches here and there (from hitting my husband's parked truck (yes, it was parked), dropping a huge chest full of clothes on the door that left a nice dent and scratch on the window sill...) But, I don't have a car payment and I will be driving it until it no longer works or it is too expensive to get fixed! 

MY JOB: Well, I just quit my job as a Registered Nurse the end of October. I have been a nurse for over 11 years! 11 YEARS... I worked full time for 8 years (three 12 hour shifts, plus call, nights, weekends), part time for 6 months ~ after the birth of my first son (plus call, nights, weekends), and prn (whenever I was available) for two more years. Now, I am a full-time mommy (and I know some people do not consider that a job, but it is my choice to cut back on spending to be able to mold my own children and to raise them). I LOVE my new JOB! 

This is MY LIFE! And, while my life is NOT perfect, it is MINE!

JEWELRY has always been a passion of mine. I have always dreamed of opening my own shop. I have been making jewelry since I can remember and started selling jewelry in high school. I started doing local craft shows in the Spring of 2004. I took my first silver smithing class when I was pregnant with my first son in the Fall of 2009. This is my PASSION! And, while my jewelry is not PERFECT, it is what makes it unique and one of a kind... 

P.S. ~ I just posted some of my new sterling silver and gemstone jewelry here:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

All About the Jewels

Forever My Angel ~ Remembrance Necklace
Gold Leaf Bridal Hair Comb
Songea Sapphire Necklace

So, I have decided to create a blog ALL about my jewelry! I'm just starting, and will try to post about my creative process, new jewelry creations, and things that inspire me!

You can always visit my etsy shop: