Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I am at a loss for words. Or, I have so many words that I can not seem to put together what I am trying to say! So, I am just going to ramble on and on, until my fingers get tired of typing. I feel so blessed. I have a loving family and great friends. I have two little miracles that remind me of my blessings every day.

Sometimes, I feel like I am being selfish... following my dreams instead of being a great housewife who cooks three balanced meals a day and does all of the laundry and cleans the house and makes sure the beds are made every morning and vacuums and dusts with a great big smile on my face. But, if you know me... my house is very rarely picked up, toys are scattered throughout the house, I have clean laundry to fold on the couch, dirty laundry that piles up overnight, my bed is disheveled, not to mention the cobwebs in places I only notice when the sunlight hits them just right and then I am distracted by something else and my husband does most of the cooking. I am really bad at being a housewife.

But, I am really good at making jewelry (and talking to people, but that is hard when most of my sales are through the internet... I do know all of the postal workers at our local post office by name and they know my name and my children's names and the last four digits of my credit card). I am good at wrapping up pretty little gifts and shipping them off to strangers, some of whom I will never meet. I write little thank you notes on pretty papers and I treat each customer like they are special. Because, I am honored out of all of the little on-line shops out there that something about my item spoke to them. It brings me joy and I hope it brings them joy unwrapping each little gift. I hope it feels like Christmas because I feel like a little elf in my little work shop with my two little helpers. And, when people ask my son, "What does your mommy do?" He replies, "She works at the post office." {sigh}

At times, I feel overwhelmed. I look at all of the "stuff" around me and wonder... how did it get there? I want everything that is out of place to find it's place and live there and only become present when I need it for something useful. So, I am decluttering. All of the extra stuff that doesn't have a place to be put. Because, I am tired of looking at it on the floor or on a counter or on the dining room table. All of the boxes piling up in the garage and the magazines that have not been read and the mail that needs to be sorted. I am decluttering my life (starting tomorrow) because I am too tired tonight! Yawn.

p.s. ~ Only 101 more sales to go to reach 1,000 sales on etsy: