Thursday, May 23, 2013

Praying for Oklahoma

You could tell something was in the air... Oklahoma weather. Something was brewing. And, while I love Springtime flowers and pretty rainbows after a rainy day, I could do without the hail the size of golf balls and the whirling winds that knock over trees and... Tornadoes.

Sunday afternoon, our family huddled in our safe room, underneath the stairs as the sirens went off ~ warning us of a potential tornado. Several text messages from people watching the news, "It's right over you!" and "I hope you are taking cover!" did not help the stressful situation. And, in this tiny room we prayed. We prayed that God would keep our families safe. Inside this tiny room crowded with the love of our family. Taking a break from a lazy day, waking our children from their naps to sit in a tiny crowded room. Thankfully, the storm went past us, but only a few miles away. Too close for comfort!
A view of the tornado from the hospital down the street from our house

Hail from our backyard

Monday, the stillness in the air... not again! And, then the storms came in and seemed to cause more damage than ever before. The F-5 tornado tore through South Oklahoma City and Moore. Flipping cars and leaving homes destroyed. Families changed forever. I could not tear myself away from the news. 

The outpouring of support for victims of the recent tornadoes has been so overwhelming. Local schools have collected water, food, and clothing. And then I question myself... What can I do to help? Part of my healing process is to create new ideas that are sometimes inspired by tragedy... to bring comfort to those that are suffering. 

Here is my most recent creation... proceeds to benefit the American Red Cross for those affected by the tornado. 

Cut out Oklahoma with Saw
Soldered Heart to Oklahoma

Heart of Gold Oklahoma State Angel Wing

Heart of Gold Oklahoma Charm ~ Red Dirt

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